장고, cached_property


property / cached_property

@cached_property decorator caches the result of a method with a single self argument as a property. The cached result will persist as long as the instance does, so if the instance is passed around and the function subsequently invoked, the cached result will be returned.

from django.utils.functional import cached_property

class Person(models.Model):
	def friends(self):

@cached_property can ensure that an attribute’s value does not change unexpectedly over the life of an instance. This could occur with a method whose computation is based on datetime.now(), or simply if a change were saved to the database by some other process in the brief interval between subsequent invocations of a method on the same instance.

You can make cached properties of methods. For example, if you had an expensive get_friends() method and wanted to allow calling it without retrieving the cached value, you could write:

friends = cached_property(get_friends, name='friends')